Amazon Sales Outlook 2023Webinar Held March 2023 (Recording available) We knew it was going to be a rough year for brands on Amazon. Their ecommerce growth hit the brakes last year, with 1P sales actually down for the 4th quarter making it the first time in Amazon’s history that ecommerce sales shrank. That’s not to say they didn’t grow; Amazon Advertising Sales, Merchant fees, and AWS are the real drivers now and are reshaping how products are sold on Amazon.

And Amazon is leaning into these profit centers. We’re seeing major shifts including higher FBA fees, new stricter policies, and an ever-expanding footprint of paid ads that are choking off organic growth. Add this up and everyone is feeling ‘the big squeeze’ on profits.

However, with every Amazon pivot, there are always opportunities for brands. Join Michael Healey, Yeoman Technology Group President, for a deep dive on the newest Amazon changes that every brand needs to know. We’ll be covering:

– Latest Amazon 2023 Sales Outlook
– Amazon Advertising Trends
– AMS Bidding and ROAS considerations
– New FBA storage calculations and limits
– Top growth strategies for 2023
– 5 key mistakes to avoid

This is advanced webinar was held in March.  You can access the recording below: