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Operations Transformation

Are your operations keeping up with the demands of digital?

The digital age has introduced a marketing catch-22. While it is theoretically possible to reach more customers with more targeted messages, more cost-effectively than ever before, actually doing it can be well outside what you can do internally.

We specialize in ‘filling the gaps’ that happen as your business grows.  This includes three key areas where most business stumble

– Warehouse Operations

– Ecommerce Management

– Purchasing and Forecast Planning

– Marketing Operations

We’re different because we firmly believe every brand needs to build these skills inhouse and through a network of outside experts.  We help you build that team leveraging our experise and PMI certified project management team to do it.

    The bottom line? Yeoman Technology Group can provide you with the support team that will streamline and simplify your backend operations to fully optimize your revenue and profit on the web.

    Who have we helped transform operations?

    Additional Services:

    Web store ecommerce platform selection 
    Yeoman will help you through the process of finding a world-class ecommerce platform that can scale to support large merchandise and product portfolios and allow for rapid design and development, with extensive customization and branding capabilities. We already work with dozens of existing applications such as Amazon Webstore, Kentico, Shopify, Magento, and many others, and we’re tireless in or pursuit of the right platform for your business model. We can manage the RFP process and the vendor relationship throughout the development and launch. We can also provide testing and QA services to ensure the site launches without any surprises.

    Web Support and Optimization

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team has over 10 years of direct experience in optimizing content to maximize traffic from Google and the other major search engines.
    • Data Quality and Content Management: Yeoman will clean up and optimize online product information to further boost search visibility. This also includes daily management of search results, optimizing content for highest closing items.
    • Mobile and Tablet Support: We create and support mobile and tablet sites that are optimized for Android or Apple platforms.


    • Kick started a failed web rollout by managing all teams, resulting in a three-fold increase in online leads.
    • Consolidated an unwieldy mix of corporate websites into a single unified ecommerce platform to increase online sales by 20%.
    • Trained warehouse and operations team in proper procedures for Amazon FBA shipments, unlocking a new option that added $1m in revenue via Prime and FBA.
    • Established new forecasting and product selection model for large US brand to better adapt to Amazon purchasing patterns.  Resulted in a 60% reduction in stockouts, netting $500k in additional revenue