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What’s a Yeoman?

Good question! A Yeoman is an old English word that refers to the “one who gets the job done.” The term is used in farming, the military, and general life to describe an individual whom others rely to do the hard, behind-the-scenes work that paves the way for them to do their jobs better. It’s that same type of knowledge, drive and confidence that is the cornerstone of our business.

Beginning in 2009, our founder Mike Healey, set out to help brands integrate digital selling with their existing sales channels. He understood that setting up a website or selling wholesale to Amazon often created massive channel conflicts and result in lower sales. We look at the whole picture and help implement a program that lifts all channels.
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In fact, our “Internet Sales & Distribution Model” is recognized as one of the most complete methodologies for looking at integrated sales. We’ve helped hundreds of brands and optimized over 500,000 products for online selling.
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Yeoman continues to grow globally and today have analysts, researchers, and managers working across the US, in India, and in Europe. This allows us to provide the professional flexibility to bring together full time staff with best-of-breed analysts not tied to just one particular channel, market segment or particular line of business. You’ll work with a team who can provide a complete look at how your online sales and distribution fits within your overall organization. We’re not an agency and we’re not programmers. Think of us as a support team of “Chief Technology Officers.” We optimize your business strategy and make sure your technology investments deliver sales. We’re specialists when it comes to providing insight into everything from demand generation and data analytics to managing digital projects and contract staffing. We also make it easy to contact us!

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