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We know how brands sell.  Not just online, but offline as well.  

For over a decade, Yeoman has helped brands optimize online and offline sales for B2B and B2C sales channels.   We know the challenges you face; growing direct or Amazon sales often creates a slew of channel conflict and internal strife.  We get it and can implement a plan that helps you navigate this slippery slope.  

How can we help your business?

Hands On Training:  Brands need to build up better digital teams.  It’s one of our core beliefs and we run all projects with a hands-on approach showing your team how to execute digitally.  Doesn’t matter if its Amazon, Google, PPC, or web ops; we jump in, execute the plan, and make sure your teams are with use every step of the way.  Throughout all of our projects, we explain and document processes so your team is ready and comfortable to manage everything going forward.

Operations Optimization:  Yeoman has decades of experience operating direct ecommerce and marketplace systems.  We know the best practices and ways to grow.  Experienced online brands rely on use for a ‘tune up’ or audit of their existing operations.  Brands that are still small online call use to jumpstart stalled initiatives.

Marketing & Advertising:  Yeoman’s team can help you understand all the marketing and advertising options available, whether its’ Google, FaceBook, or Amazon.  From optimizing your Stores page to social posts to Sponsored Product ads, Yeoman has the experience to find the best mix for your advertising budget. We can also help you create the right ROI models for advertising, attribution, and online spend.

Amazon Specific Brand Content:  We help take back your brand and product ownership with expanded content and clear messaging through Amazon’s merchandising programs. Separate accounts can list and contribute to any active listing on Amazon. Yeoman has helped hundreds of brands untangle the web of content and can help optimize brand’s content and digital presence. We’ll show you how to use the Brand Registry, Stores pages, A+ Enhanced product detail pages, cross-selling grids, and best-practices for titles, images, bullets, and descriptions.

 Who have we helped transform?