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Amazon Services

Amazon continues it’s dominance as the #1 ecommerce site in the world.  However, most brands have struggled with their presence, missing opportunities to grow and expand.  Yeoman specialized in helping multi-channel brands succeed on Amazon.

It’s not easy.  Not only do you have to figure out the best sales model directly (1P/Wholesale or 3P/Merchant) but you also have to manage the challenges of having a slew of 3rd party sellers competing for the buybox.

We know how brands sell.  Not just online, but offline as well.

Yeoman Technology Group helps brands optimize online and offline sales for B2B and B2C sales channels.  We’re more than just an agency; we work directly with your teams, training them on the best practices that help you grow.

A brand has to find the balance between its 3rd party sellers, Amazon wholesale, and their own direct account.  For over a decade we’ve helped top brands figure that out (and win) Our core Amazon services:


Amazon Account Maintenance and Optimization

Yeoman has decades of experience operating and interpreting Amazon reporting for sales, fees, profit, buy-box, shipping, taxes, ROI, ROAs, COGs, profitability. We can also help you navigate Amazon reporting on advertising, attribution, product detail page activity, and inventory management.  Our team works side by side with your group training them on the best way to manage your accounts.

Amazon Marketing & Advertising Programs

Yeoman’s team can help you understand all the marketing and advertising options available, whether you have a Seller or Vendor account. As you build your brand on Amazon through enhanced content and the Brand Registry, Yeoman will show you how to leverage all advertising options so your products get the greatest exposure. From optimizing your Stores page to social posts to Sponsored Product ads, Yeoman has the experience to find the best mix for your advertising budget.  

Product Optimization and Categorization  

We’ve loaded and optimized over 500,000 items on Amazon.  We know the database inside and out.  We’ll make sure you have the right titles, bullets, product category, and critical data attributes that help your products sell.

Amazon A+ and Enhanced Brand Content

Brand registry is one of the best tools a brand can use to improve your Amazon position.  We help take back your brand and product ownership with expanded content and clear messaging through Amazon’s merchandising programs. Separate accounts can list and contribute to any active listing on Amazon. Yeoman has helped hundreds of brands untangle the web of content and can help optimize brand’s content and digital presence. We’ll show you how to use the Brand Registry, Stores pages, A+ Enhanced product detail pages, cross-selling grids, and best-practices for titles, images, bullets, and descriptions.

Custom Amazon Training

Yeoman starts each project with a hands-on approach to show you how to set-up, monitor, and manage your Amazon accounts. We’ll set up the basics with you and show various options for optimizing Amazon’s options in ways that are best for your specific brand. When your account is up-and-running, we’ll review best-practices for on-going management and growth. Throughout our projects, we explain and document processes so your team is ready and comfortable to manage everything through Amazon’s portals.


Who have we helped?

How about over 200 brands and 500,000+ items for the last 11 years




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