Walmart Brand PortalJune 3rd:  Walmart today rollout out their new brand portal for 3rd party sellers as well as wholesale customers.  Very similar to Amazon’s Brand Registry (“Walmart Brand Registry Lite”)Per Walmart:

The system will likely have to catch up to Amazon’s more advanced features like image search, seller authorization, and a streamlined authorization system, but it’s got some good initials features.

Official Walmart Brand Portal Statement

“The Walmart Brand Portal has been designed from the ground up to be a single, unified experience where you will manage your brands and claims. You can register as many brands as you like (although please note that we require an active trademark registration with the USPTO), submit and track intellectual property claims, manage your authorized representatives, and get up-to-date reporting. Everything is centrally located to make your intellectual property rights management an effortless one.”

Walmart Brand Portal Review

The system is very similar to Amazon’s brand registry and offers a centralized location for complaints and reporting.  A few comments:

  1. Initial system is a little shaky with users reporting trouble creating an account.
  2. Log in to your walmart retail link first and you should be ok
  3. US Trademarks only at this time
  4. Make sure to match the Company Name on your application to the name on your USPTO registration
  5. Confirmations are sent to the email address on record with the USPTO office
    1. This is often a big issue for brands

So is it worth it?

Yes!  While Walmart may still be a fraction of Amazon’s online sales getting better tools to protect your brand and listings is always a good thing.  Make sure your team is on top of this and registers all your brands

Next, you should do a ‘brand sweep’ on Walmart to assess the current state of your brands and content.  You’ll likely be surprised to find some poor quality and rogue listings.

Walmart Brand Registry

Prior to this new program, Stonewall could only complain via help desk and tickets.  Now this listing can be removed via ticket.

How to Sign Up For Walmart Brand Registry

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