Can Google Assistant Help Mobile Checkout and Compete with Alexa/Amazon Ordering?

Google Duplex for EcommerceThis month Ecommerce site owners started getting notices from Google that they’ll be automatically enabling ‘Google Duplex for Ecommerce’ on their sites.  This is a great opportunity to improve your site close rate without additional coding!  Duplex is a core technology that is part of Google Assistant.  It can currently do cool things like call for reservations or understand complex questions, but the new feature is specifically designed for ecommerce site.


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If enabled, it will help automatically fill in key information for an android user without additional typing or input.  This is far superior to the existing options (which offer type ahead/auto fill in)   This is a free add-on that Google is enabling as part of their Google Assistant.  Don’t think of them as altruistic, just realistic. Alexa is the gold standard for AI based ecommerce options, let people ‘ask’ for a reorder.  Google doesn’t go that far, but they’re definitely trying to nullify Amazon’s continued expansion online.

Enabling this doesn’t require any additional coding on your site as long as you meet the requirements.  Specific Requirement (Per Google)

The Google Assistant checkout flow is activated only when:
  • The user opens a website from the Android Google Search App on Android devices
  • The user visits the cart or checkout page, and the cart is not empty.
  • All requirements below have been met.


The following requirements apply, in addition to the other requirements for enabling Duplex on the Web:

  • This experience is supported in the US and UK only
  • The search language must be in English.
  • Your website must offer a guest checkout flow.
  • You website must offer credit card payment in the checkout flow on your website. Other payment services are not yet supported.

So will it work?  Yeoman’s recommendation is to enable on your site if you get the notice.  Mobile close rates have lept significantly since the pandemic but are 30-40% lower than the conversion rate for desktops.

Streamlining the operations should help the close rate.  Plus, if you received the notice, then it means your site already supports the workflow Google needs; there’s no additional programming required.

Next steps:

  1. Confirm you have the option in Search Console
  2. Make sure you review and test (with an Android phone that has Google assistant)
  3. Look for the notice form Google when you’ll be activated
    1. Test, test, test once its live

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