2022 Amazon Outlook2022 Sales Trends Webinar:  Held on Wed 1/19 12PM EST: 2021 was a major challenge for brands as their DTC (Direct To Consumer) and Amazon sales shifts continued to disrupt their traditional sales channels. Many saw online sales falter vs 2020 with a ‘shift back’ to their legacy wholesale, retail, and B2B channels. Others had this problem compounded by retail closures from their base accounts. The best group hit the sweet spot; Amazon, DTC, and traditional sales all grew (at the expense of their competitors) == Access Recording Here

As we head into 2022, the #1 challenge for brands remains the same – understand your consumers’ shifting buying patterns and be ready to expand or contract as needed to capture the sale. Digital teams will have to be sharper than ever, but the real pressure will be on the demand planning, logistics, and support groups who may have to pivot multiple times this year. This means managing your own site, Amazon, as well as deciding if the expansions to Wal-mart, Target, eBay and others are worth the effort.

Join Yeoman Technology Group for a review of the digital shift from 2020-2021 and how they’ll likely evolve in 2022. Yeoman specializes in digital sales strategies for brands – exclusively focusing on maximizing direct and marketplace (aka Amazon) sales without destroying your existing sales funnels. The webinar will focus on both Amazon and DTC sales. Topics include:

Amazon and Marketplaces Trends

  1. Overall growth outlook (Amazon vs the others)
  2. Amazon FBA vs FBM vs 1P
  3. Amazon Fee & Policy Changes
  4. Managing rising costs of Amazon Marketing
  5. Best Opportunities for 2022

DTC Trends

  1. Overall volume shifts 2019-2022
  2. Top Direct Sales Growth Opportunities
  3. Shifting role of Paid Search & Google
  4. The Vexing Challenge of Social Commerce

The webinar is free, but Yeoman webinars are for core clients, qualified brands, and partners. We reserve the right to limit attendance as needed.

Recording at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/749485820117029383