Amazon adsJanuary 2023: If you think you’re seeing more ads on Amazon your right!  There are now 20-30% less organic results per page on Amazon searches.  60% of the top search results are now ads.

In addition, page 1 is now longer now extending down 175 items + before you get to the footer page (or get to choose a 2nd page) That 60% mix of ads vs organic tends to hold throughout each section and subsequent pages.


This increase in ads has been growing over the past few years, but it’s now reached a new level.  While it may not seem a big deal for the Amazon customer, it’s a huge deal for your brand; there are simply less slots for organic search results and it can directly impact your sales and profitablity.

This is a major shift that brands needs to take note of.  Amazon is unique among all marketplaces for it’s unique selling engine that actively moves up good selling items in organic search results constantly.  In addition, getting a conversion on a paid term actually helps your organic ranking; the engine learns from both paid and search activity.

Yeoman has always built this organic / paid synergy into our AMS campaign models, creating a plan that grows both.   As a rule of thumb, a strong brand and with a integrated AMS strategy should be able to profitiably grow on Amazon by allocating  5-11% of their revenue projections to AMS campaigns.

We’re retooled all client campaigns based upon this January shift.  If you’re not watching your AMS carefully you may be claiming victory for your 2023 results without realizing you likely pulled away from organic sales.

Want to learn more?  Attend Yeoman’s March 3rd Webinar on all of the changes Amazon’s is rolling out this year.