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MarketPlace Direct – A Better Way to Manage Your Online Sales

MarketPlace Direct is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yeoman Technology Group and serves as an official online sales channel for a variety of US and Canadian based products including Stonewall Kitchen, Hospitality Mints, York Nordic Walking Poles, Buoy Bats, The CoolIt, Surfer Dudes, Rustic Carpentry, Boombah, Skunk Hollow Publishing, Flo’s Hot Dog Sauce, Maine Sea Salt, Grandy Oats, and more.

This team purchases and sell products direct on all major sales channels including Amazon, Wal-mart, Jet, Sears, and others.  However, we’re more than just a retailer, our team creates the content needed to sell online, including standard images, compelling content, and great customer service.  We work directly with you to select the most appropriate sales channels for your organization – only activating channels you approve of.

We manage all end client questions, updates and concerns.  The group has some of the highest satisfaction ratings of any 3rd party sellers and consistently delivers high quality and results.

Yeoman has directly managed and optimized the digital presence of over 500,000 products. Our programs and team helps drive over $850m in annual revenue for our base of clients and products.

Marketplace Direct was created as a way for Companies to bolster their digital sales without the channel, logistical, and support challenges of selling direct.  We’ll work with you to expand your online sales without cannibalizing or alienating your base partners.

NOTE: The process is only available for products and services that meet our product guidelines.  Exclusivity is not required to be part of this program, however a consistent and fair retail and distribution program is essential to our mutual success.

 Customers who have purchased from Marketplace Direct and have product questions can get help by emailing [email protected] or calling 800-930-5928

Brands interested in the product can contact us today to learn more.