8042018063?profile=RESIZE_400xTired of hearing that the 2020 holiday season is “unprecedented,” “uncharted” and “uncertain”? We are too. The new reality of selling is here — and many businesses are playing catchup. We know there’s a shift to customer engagement through digital channels, but few have had bandwidth to improve their performance in that area. Rather, the majority of B2B and B2C businesses are just happy to see any growth at all.

That’s a mistake: There are at least five initiatives that, undertaken now, will put you in a strong position to wrap up the year. These are short-fuse, get-it-done today tasks that can make or break Q4. B2B or B2C, in doesn’t matter. Chances are, you’re leaving money on the table.

Join NetSuite and Mike Healey, president of Yeoman Technology Group, for practical advice on optimizing your digital sales strategies in Q4 — and what that means for fulfillment and logistics. We’ll also share new Brainyard insights on what to expect from the 2020 holiday season.  The webinar is part of Oracle’s NetSuite Now Virtual Events.  The multi-week event is open for all businesses and Mike’s presentation will take place on Wednesday October 21st at 1PM EST.

In this talk with Mike, you’ll learn:

• Tricks to fine-tune your website for engagement and conversions.
• New pricing strategies and other takeaways from the online sales shift.
• Channels most likely to succeed, and fail, this holiday season.
• How to pull in the most B2B dollars in Q4. (Hint: Fulfillment flexibility matters.)

Registration is free and give you access to all events – Registration Link