Amazon Holiday 2021Webinar Details: We all thought this holiday would be different. The summer saw a definitive shift in online and offline behavior that started to look like the new normal. Offline sales were returning to normal and online activity started to follow a more stable pattern of growth. Then came the Delta surge. The last two months have seen a shift back away from offline commerce and a resurgence in online buying. Businesses were force to shift their channel and inventory forecasts again.

And even though the Delta surge appears to be subsiding, businesses are looking down the barrel of Q4 with an eerie feeling of Deja Vu. Last year’s labor shortages, inventory delays, and delivery gaps haven’t improved for many – plus there’s the big question about in-store shopping volume.

The key for a successful holiday season is to have multiple contingency plans that can be implemented swiftly based on buying patterns. This webinar will cover the latest buying trends on Amazon and top D2C ecommerce site to provide invaluable insights into this holiday.

We’ll focus on five key areas brands need to revisit and review during this critical period including:

  1. Pricing Strategy
  2. Last Mile Delivery Plans
  3. Marketing Spend Allocation
  4. Channel Forecasting
  5. Inventory Contingency Planning

The webinar is free, but spots are limited.  Priority will be given to Yeoman customers and multi-channel brands in case of a sell out.

Date: Wednesday Oct 27 11AM EST

Registration Link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4476686199908772875