Email is dead… long live email!  Here at Yeoman we handle quite a bit of email web operations for our clients as part of our Outsourced Web Operations services.  Part of that means applying our best practices to email newsletters and then tirelessly testing and tweaking our approach to maximize open rates and click-thrus.

That’s why I was tickled pink to find this infographic from Kissmetrics showing that industry research supports our key best practices for email marketing.  Some of the highlights include:

Format your emails for mobile. Not convinced you need to? Over 40% of consumers now open their emails on a device other than their desktop PC—a number that’s been skyrocketing in the last few years.

And if they can’t read it easily on their smart phone or tablet, 89% of them will just delete it, and 27% will unsubscribe from your list. With 39% of marketers saying they do not have a mobile marketing strategy, making a few tweaks to your email marketing plans could yield big competitive advantages.

Keep it simple. This point is key for every communication you send out – whether it gets opened on a mobile phone or a desktop PC. Go easy on design elements. Have a catchy subject line. Get to the point quickly. Have a clear CTA, and position it toward the top of the message. Respect your readers’ time, give them something worth reading and a compelling reason to take the next step and you will see open rates and other metrics increase.

Of course, every company has a unique set of customers with common behavioral characteristics. But don’t worry, the proof is in the numbers. If you need help figuring out who your audience is and the best way to get their attention, give us a call.