Amazon Raise FBA Fees 5%April 13, 2022:  Amazon today announced a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge effective April 22nd. This covers 100% of FBA items regardless of size.  See full table here https://sellercentral.amazon.com/help/hub/reference/GABBX6GZPA8MSZGW.

Now is the time to dig in and review your pricing.  Inbound FBA costs have already went up, so this adds an addition layer of cost brands should factor into their pricing.


A few important notes:

  1. Amazon has not said these are temporary.  Expect them to be permanent
  2. Lower priced items are going to see the biggest hit since the margin is already tight.  (Items under $15 can see a margin hit of 1-2%)
  3. Fee changes start on the 28th


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Amazon Official Notice: 

Beginning April 28, we will implement a fuel and inflation surcharge of 5% on top of our current Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fulfillment fee per-unit rates. We know that changing fees affects your business. Our teams are working each and every day to ensure that FBA remains a great value for the premium fulfillment and delivery service it provides. Since 2020, and inclusive of this change, Amazon has increased fulfillment rates less than other carriers and continues to cost significantly less than alternatives.
For more information, go to 2022 US FBA fulfillment fee changes. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] and will review each comment.