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Competitor Analysis / Intelligence

Are you getting killed online?

Whether its online or offline, you need to know what ‘the other guys’ are up to.

At Yeoman, we’re experts at analyzing your competitors’ online presence and can develop a detailed profile that helps you understand their traffic, spending patterns, pricing strategy, and even social activity. Our detailed assessment includes a ranking of how effective their different programs are.

Your competitive review will help you understand your online presence—and your competition—in each of the seven online channels. The review will give you detailed insight into your key competitors are online, including:

  • Who they are (surprise – they may not be who you think)
  • What they’re doing well
  • What they’re not doing well
  • Where they might have left the field wide open

Yeoman will then set up a step-by-step program to help you stay at the top of your game. Specific services include detailed competitor mapping, as well as our popular ‘snapshot’ service and “street price modeling”.

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